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November 25, 2014 In this edition:
Do your colleagues know how much you appreciate them? What better time of year to renew our habits of thanks and recognition for the people who make our work successful, or in some cases even make it possible. You don't have to resort to corny ceremonies or hokey rah-rah. (Of course, if that's what your group is into, go for it!) As Carl Pritchard explains, sometimes nothing beats a simple and sincere thank you. For other times, we have a variety of options and ideas for giving your team members thoughtful, meaningful appreciation.

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Wisdom, Perspective, and Advice from the Field
Carl Pritchard Thankful Project Management
by Carl Pritchard

As the holiday season roars into full swing, we have plenty to be thankful for. If you're reading this, you likely have the gift of sight. If you're a member of ProjectConnections, you have the gift of insight. You probably found this website some time ago, thanks to someone who suggested it to you. And those are just the little things to be thankful for here. On the much broader horizon, you have stuff to be thankful for on a grand scale. And thanks may be the key to getting those around you to outperform their own past performance and to feel more energized and enthused about their jobs. Read More »

Six Steps for Developing a Governance Model for Strategic Portfolio Management (Part 1)
by J. LeRoy Ward

J. LeRoy Ward The hardest part of building a portfolio strategy and governing body for your organization maybe recognizing that one is needed. After all, the time-honored strategy of "do the executive projects first" is an easy and obvious political winner. But when reality intrudes and it's time to decide what's really most important, you'll all appreciate having a system in place.

In this first of two entries, J. LeRoy Ward explains three questions you absolutely must answer to set up the kind of process your projects deserve. Your organization will thank you. Read More »
Appreciating Your Team
Attitude of Gratitude: Celebrate Project Success... and Some Failures, too!
If you live long enough you'll eventually complete a project successfully. What's the best way for you and your team to mark such an accomplishment?

Project Team Rewards and Recognition Guideline – MEMBER
Project work is serious, but it shouldn't be drudgery. Remember to include team rewards, recognition, celebration, and general hoopla in your project planning. This guideline provides ideas, suggestions, and a detailed example from one team's reward-planning activities.

Employee Recognition in an Agile Team
Can you reward your agile team without causing friction and competition?

Performance Appraisal Process Summary and Forms for Project Leaders and Team Members – MEMBER
What better way to appreciate your team members than to ensure they get credit for their project work when it counts? Even if your company doesn't go all out to implement the process described in this guideline, that doesn't mean you can't provide the information on your own. Going out of your way to show that kind of appreciation will make a real statement.

The flipside of a shameful lack of appreciation
Appreciating our team at the end of a project is good. Doing it every day during the project is far better.

Professional Gratitude, Recognition and Growth
Make time for daily, not yearly, reflection.
Where's ProjectConnections?
We're enjoying our Thanksgiving holiday in the US this week, so ProjectConnections will be closed from Wednesday afternoon. We'll be enjoying and appreciating our loved ones, and hope you'll have the same pleasure. Happy Thanksgiving!
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