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August 6, 2015 In this edition:
In my opinion, 90% of successful project management is about dealing with people. Some huge percentage of those people are customers and other stakeholders - of both the project itself, and our "PMing" of that project. This week we bring you a collection of experienced PMs' personal advice and techniques for leading the way on business goals and priorities, leading meetings your team will actually want to attend, ignoring your own lack of authority and influencing those who DO have it to do what's best for the project, and strong recommendations for effective status reporting to those who care about the project. (A favorite line from that last item - "Projects should be like well-honed political campaigns, practicing message discipline .") Finally, our next session of the virtual PM Light FastRAMP course is open for individual and group registration, with Early Bird discount available now.

I hope your summer has been great so far, on all fronts!

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PM Light™ FastRAMP: PM Training on Your Schedule — Register Today!
PMLight FastRAMP - September 25th The PM Light™ FastRAMP™ series focuses on practical, just-enough project management, and how you can achieve it on your projects. So we ensured we have a practical, just-enough delivery option for you. Live classes are held each Friday for 2 hours, so you can interact with the presenters and ask questions. If the live class times aren't convenient, or if you've got a vacation scheduled, you can review every session using on-demand recordings, whenever you like, and submit your questions and comments by email. Either way you learn how to best use valuable PM approaches on different sizes and types of projects, without feeling like a micromanager. You get new tools and techniques you can use immediately, and you'll earn 12 PDUs for completing the full course. Classes begin September 25th.

Save $150 if you register before close of business Wednesday, August 26.
Group rates are available too!

Featured Article
The Minimum Viable Column
Kent McDonald

Kent McDonald I'm in the process of putting the final touches on the book I've been working on for three years and I thought I would share an excerpt from that book that discusses a couple of concepts that are very helpful for any scope minded project managers out there, Minimum Viable Product and Minimum Marketable Feature.

Following is an excerpt from the forthcoming book Beyond Requirements from Addison-Wesley, publishing in September 2015.

Minimum Viable Product does not mean "the least we can get away with." The keyword is "viable." Read the rest »

Holistic Methodologies – New Template
Six Sigma and SDLC: Stakeholder Risk Analysis Using Forcefields
By Chris Hill

How do you build consensus on a product delivery? Typically, the answer is one customer/stakeholder at a time. When you go for broad consensus and sign off on what to build there should be no surprises. However, along the way a straight answer may not always be forthcoming, or you may get an answer with a passive aggressive response. Perhaps it is more benign; the customer simply doesn't know what they want until they see it.

When seeking to make a revolutionary change or implement a weakly supported product, it is difficult to quantify the level of support one has or one will need to move forward until this tool. Using Force Field Analysis will assist with subjective quantification. Understanding the level of support or consensus that exists, along with the reasons why people are or are not supporting the scope, can be very important to obtain buy-in and approval for the project and resulting product. Read the rest »

Build Better Meetings — New Mini-Course (A benefit for Premium subscribers)
Designing and Planning Effective Meetings
This mini-course will teach you how to define a meeting's purpose and design the best and fastest way to cover what really matters. And you can plan your next meeting while you listen! Learn how to define a good meeting purpose, how to decide what you need to have an effective meeting — what people, resources, and time are required to meet the meeting objectives — and leave the course with an action plan for improving your next meeting. 1 PDU.

Spotlight – Other Project Templates, Tools, and Techniques
New! Guideline: 5-Step Influence Plan for Getting What Your Project Needs – SPECIAL
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until August 20, 2015
Tons of project responsibility but no direct authority? It's nothing new - but it sure can get old. Instead of feeling frustrated and stuck, take charge in a different way - by using a simple 5-step process to think through how to influence one or more people in each challenging situation. Get the Guideline »

The 5-Point Project Status + 6 Tips for Effective Status Reporting
by Alan Zucker

A fundamental project management function is effectively communicating status. When conveying status, the project manager should be crisp and concise, and calibrate the message to the recipient. Effective status communications should encompass the 5-point status framework. Read the rest »

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Carl Pritchard will lead his highly rated and memorable PMP® Certification Exam Prep class in Rockville, Maryland on August 18-19. For more information email Carl at

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