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September 3, 2015 In this edition:
This week are absolutely fixated on doing absolutely no more than we need to, and doing the things that truly matter most, to lead our teams to victory without sending them running for the hills, away from our PM tools and techniques. Yes, we love our toolkit, we understand what's there and why. Team members may not. Or it may seem like just a bunch of paperwork in the midst of project and people craziness that's already taking all their time (and possibly ours!). Like Goldilocks in the bear family's cottage, our quest should be to seek the approach that's "just right" and "just enough" for a particular project, so we're making the best use of our own time and theirs, and not losing cooperation by going too far.

To help us all do that, we have advice and techniques for achieving "just-enough" – in both mindset and daily implementation, and at both the individual and organizational level. Carl Pritchard talks about the danger of too many PM laws and a simple way to "Trim the FAT!." Cinda discusses smaller background projects and the counter-intuitive risk of using too little PM. Plus several related tools and techniques and 2 virtual training options for "going lighter"– all to help PM value (including yours!) shine through.

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Featured Article
Project Management – It's THE LAW
Carl Pritchard

Carl Pritchard Too many project laws lead to lax enforcement. Project management practice, done properly, can enable amazing accomplishment. But when project management practice turns into rules, forms, protocols and procedures that are seen as excessive or punitive, there's a very real possibility that best practice will be thrown out along with the excess. Read the rest »

PMLight™ FastRAMP: Learn "just right" PM at our Plan Ahead price
PMLight FastRAMP - September 25th The PMLight FastRAMP online class focuses on practical, just-enough project management, and how you can achieve it on your projects. It's really about business-savvy and "low overhead" project leadership – which executives value highly and teams will love you for. Live classes are held each Friday for 2 hours, so you can interact with the presenters and ask questions. But If the live class times aren't convenient, you can review every session using on-demand recordings, whenever you like, and submit questions and comments by email. Either way you learn how to best use valuable PM approaches on different sizes and types of projects, without feeling like a micromanager. You get new tools and techniques you can use immediately, and you can earn 12 PDUs for completing the full course. The class starts September 25th.

Save $100 if you register before close of business Wednesday, September 9.
Discounted group rates are available too! (Email for info).

Be a Master at Virtual Meetings — Mini-Course (A benefit for Premium subscribers)
Effective Virtual Meetings
Virtual meetings can actually be a productive team experience (vs. a terror of awkward communication and wasted time.) This mini-course covers preparation, agendas, pre-selling, online meeting etiquette, and more. The techniques help the local leader orchestrate a meeting that keeps everyone engaged and included, help remote attendees assert themselves without being offensive, and provide ways for everyone to stay on task and engaged in challenging meeting environments. 1.25 PDUs

Spotlight – Other Project Templates, Tools, and Techniques
New! Template: One-Sheet Project Document – SPECIAL
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until September 17, 2015
Before you decide that your project is too small, too short, too simple, and/or too informal to need a "project plan document," check out this one sheet way to lightly clarify, capture, and communicate what matters on ANY project: The GOALS (surely what we're trying to achieve matters no matter the size of the project!); the PEOPLE (those who need to do work, and those who care about the outcomes); the RISKS (a several week project can be blown out of the water too); and the "PROCESS" (because any project needs at least some target dates and checkpoints). This template includes several versions of a one-sheet project document to let you choose the best for your particular project.

New! Blog: Just-Enough PM on a Small Background Project May Be More than you Think!
Sometimes "just enough" is less than we're using now. But very critically, sometimes it could be MORE. Smaller, shorter, simpler, and background/part-time projects are often the most likely to suffer from not enough PM. Cinda covers why this is and how to achieve just-enough structure and communication for these projects without going too far.

New! Blog: The best project manager I ever worked with was great because...
What do you think people said? Hint – No one mentioned project paperwork. Though I'd guess many of us would agree that project management is 90% about the people, we don't always divvy our time that way! Read this post for the themes that emerged from asking the above question to some team members. Though they were from vastly different businesses and project types, the answers were surprisingly similar.

5 Project management "rules" that actually provide freedom
I "grew up" in management distrusting rules, mechanics, and paperwork - viewing them with healthy skepticism and always judging what I think really works, really matters. I think the world of projects and people is too messy to be successfully handled by anything that seems rigid or one-size-fits-all. But the flip side of this is - how DO you apply the critical fundamentals in different situations? To me the only "rule" is, be sure to do what really matters MOST....

You Don't Need 2 Years and 100 Pieces of Paper to Make the World a Better Place –
Guideline - How to Implement and Develop Project Management Procedures and Skills – PREMIUM
If you want to find ways to improve how projects get done, with fast results for the project and the team's sanity, then just take it one step at a time. This guideline on implementing new project management techniques talks about practical ways to identify leverage points, introduce simple "tools" (yes, maybe a few new pieces of paper, but only a few...), and get everyone on board quickly with a few good, common-sense practices.

On-Demand Mini-Course – A Quick Primer on Process Flexibility
Getting More Flexible with Project Processes
(You mean I get to decide what process pieces to use?) It is possible to find leeway in project processes if you know where to look. To do so, though, you need to approach those processes from the right perspective. You have to know why they exist, what they're designed to accomplish, and when it's acceptable to bend the rules -- or even to completely ignore them. Check out this short mini-course with accompanying tools (and 1.25 PDUs).

Where's ProjectConnections?
To help participants develop purpose, vision, negotiating, influence, and sales skills, Alfonso Bucero and Randy Englund present "Integrating People, Organizational, and Technical Skills: The Complete Project Manager," October 7-10, 2015, in Orlando, Florida, prior to the PMI Global Congress. They also conduct this session December 7-10 in San Diego, California for PMI SeminarsWorld.

Corporate Subscriptions and Licensing
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