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September 22, 2016 In this edition:
Is that a project or a process? Does it matter? It does if the label you're using restricts the tools you have available. Too often, once we see a project (or a process) in a certain way, we predetermine the methods and tools available to get our desired results. Got a process? Use a map! Got a project? Use a Gantt chart! Not only does it limit our options, it may lock us into using tools and processes that are wholly unsuited to the current environment.

In the capstone article of his Holistic Methodologies series, Chris Hill points out some of the limitations imposed by that rigid framework, and shows how unexpected process tools can support successful project work. Also, Alan Koch returns this week with an insightful "interview" about business rules and how to find them, and we share some examples of unexpected project and process tools.
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Featured Articles
Project or Process? That Is the Question!
by Chris Hill

Chris Hill In a label-centric world where we try to find the right boxes to put things in, there is a tendency to use a label that fits for convenience or other corporate cultural reasons. Perhaps funding, prioritization or staffing models are the drivers, or the perceived nature of the work in the eyes of decision makers.

So who cares if a body of work is called a project or a process? Well, it comes down to how unique the work really is and how we go about getting the work done to deliver the product. Just how unique does the work need to be before we call it a project? And just how repeatable does the work have to be in order to be a process?

In the conclusion to his Holistic Methodologies series, Chris Hill argues that there's less difference between process management and project management than you may believe Read more »

Chris Hill's Holistic Methodology series

Did That Process Change Work? Four Steps to Better Processes

Project Process Philosophy Chart for explaining why you're using certain tools and processes

Taming the Wild Business Rule
by Alan S. Koch

Alan S. Koch Most people associate BAs with business rules, but many people aren't clear about what a business rule is in the first place. To make things more interesting, unearthing the business rules in your organization can be challenging if they aren't documented anywhere and no one else seems to understand what you're asking for. So how do you find the business rules critical to your project's success? Elicitation, baby! Alan Koch explains how to tame the wild business rules in your organization. Learn more »
Charactieristics of a well-written business rule

Ways to organize and prioritize business rules

How requirements relate to business rules

Business Rules Management Guideline -- Basic guidance on business rules and tips for rules organization, management, and change control

Project or Process? What's in a Name?
Everything, if you're limiting your options. Keep an open mind about the tools that may help you get project results, and what each individual tool "has" to look like.

Projectized Holiday Gift Shopping -- A seasonal and only slightly silly example of how project management frameworks and development processes can be tailored to provide benefits on any type of project.

Adapting Processes for Different Projects
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until October 6, 2016
Learn how your existing PM and development processes can accommodate different project lengths, risk profiles, and levels of complexity.

Getting Process Skeptical Teams to Adapt and Use PM and Development Processes

Adapting PM Techniques and Templates to a Mini-Project

Cinda Voegtli: Why I am more afraid of too much project management than not enough

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