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December 15, 2016 In this edition:
Give the people what they want! It's good advice in most businesses, but it assumes that you know the answer. What do the people want? Do they actually know what they want? Certainly on some level they do, but they may not be giving you the whole story with their initial request. Carl Pritchard tackles this common concern in his column this week. Also, Alan Zucker reminds us that scrum masters and project managers need not, should not, be adversaries, and Chris Cook reminds us to pay attention to the invisible scripts that may be undermining our progress and our projects.

Next issue, we will tackle our lessons for project management in 2016. Happy Holidays!
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Featured Article
(Almost) All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
by Carl Pritchard

Carl Pritchard The old holiday song offers one simple request: All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. And I contend that the youngster in that melody, like many of our customers, is lying. Lying unintentionally, but lying. (Lying through his teeth?)

Customers often assume that we understand when they're speaking in metaphors and generalities, and when they're really expressing precisely what they want. We cannot be expected to be the customers' psychic friends, but we should be expected to validate and double-check our solutions before jumping headlong into projects.

Sure, you're giving the customer everything they asked for, but what about the things they expected?

From the Blogs
The Project Manager and the Scrum Master Should Be Friends
by Alan Zucker

Alan ZuckerProjects benefit by uniting scrum and project management practices. Scrum masters develop self-managing teams that are focused on delivering working software. Project managers add disciplines such as: risk management, integration planning, and stakeholder management.

Alan discusses some of the differences and similarities between waterfall and Agile, and what each can bring to the team

Invisible Scripts for Project Managers
by Chris Cook

You have a little voice in your head that's getting in your way, even if you don't always hear it. You might call it your inner monologue. These invisible scripts are commonly attached to inaction and ways we hold ourselves back.

Chris Cook addresses inner scripts that may be tripping you up as a PM, and suggests ways you can correct them.

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