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January 12, 2017 In this edition:
"There are lots of reasons to have a personal board of directors, but the simplest reason is that none of us knows what we don’t know or can see ourselves from a perspective other than our own." Geof Lory's column this week explains the attraction and purpose of having a personal advisory circle, and how to create one. To support this fairly brilliant idea, we provide several supporting resources that will help you assess your skills and goals and plan your path through 2017.
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Featured Article
Your Personal Board of Directors
by Geof Lory

Geof Lory Most people are familiar with a board of directors for a company, and many of you may serve on boards. For an organization, the key purpose of a board of directors is to ensure the organization's prosperity by collectively directing the company's affairs, while meeting the appropriate interests of its shareholders and stakeholders. Basically, a board exists to optimize the health and growth of the organization. But what if YOU are the organization? That's where the personal part comes in.

A personal board of directors serves the same purpose and can behave in the same way as an organizational board of directors. A personal board of directors is a group of people with diverse skills and perspectives that you select to positively contribute to your growth, development, and well-being. They are peers and influencers you respect and consider extremely important in terms of your circle of influence.

This year, consider forming a circle of advisers to help you meet your goals »

Mentor Capital and Career Planning
Profiles in Success - Project Manager Development Profile Form – MEMBER
Appropriate as an individual coaching and assessment tool, this one-page form can also be a guideline for your personal growth and assignments.

Set Goals - Priorities, Goals, and Actions Alignment Worksheet – MEMBER
Capture critical personal goals, prioritize them, and develop personal action plans aligned with those priorities.

Build Skills - Ways to Gain Career-Enhancing PM Skills and Experience – SPECIAL
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until January 26, 2017
Pointers and suggestions for accelerating the development of skills and experience you need to expand your project management career options.

Get Coaching - Project Manager Coaching Guidelines – PREMIUM
If you're seeking advice from busy people, consider setting up a formal coaching arrangement, establishing set check-ins and regular self-assessments.

Balance Your Life - Project Management in Your Own Life
Don't restrict good advice and project management to your career. Use your skills and talents to help you achieve goals in other areas of your life as well.

Corporate Subscriptions and Licensing
Want your team members to have their own access to templates and how-to resources for their project work? Need to share documents and deliverables beyond your project team? We make it easier with affordable corporate subscriptions and licensing. Detailed information regarding corporate options is available online. Give your whole team, or even the entire organization, cost-effective access to our comprehensive online library of resources. You already know how helpful it's been for you. Now it's time to share with everyone else. Find out more »

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