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February 9, 2017 In this edition:
Why do some people make it look so effortless? One way to find out is to try to emulate their techniques. Carl Pritchard urges us to find role models who seem to be succeeding at the things that puzzle us and try doing things their way. Find your project management Happy Place.

Along those lines, Chris Cook tackles the question of what matters more when you're trying to make the grade as a project manager, education or experience? And Chris Hill rounds out our week by educating us on a new technique for business analysts and IT professionals who want to understand what their project is really worth: Value stream mapping.
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Featured Articles
Fighting Bears and Miniature Golf
by Carl Pritchard

Carl Pritchard In the workplace, we often feel outdone by those around us. They seem to have gifts that we cannot master. They approach clients in ways that seem outside our capabilities. And yet, they succeed. If we wish to step into their shoes we can do so, if we remember "What another can do, I can do." But we need to adopt the approach in toto. Half measures don't suffice. There's a reason others succeed where we fail, and we need to find the role model and capture the whole -- attitude, setup, and delivery.

How to find and emulate a role model »

Value Stream Mapping
by Chris Hill

Chris Hill Do you sometimes feel you are on a production line where you do your piece of the work but can't see the big picture of how it fits in overall? Perhaps you feel like you want to pull back the curtain to see what is behind it? Do you sometimes feel like you don't understand why the customer has asked for a specific feature or request?

A Value Stream Map (VSM) makes it possible to quantify the value or capacity of the business process. VSM will also validate the value your application can provide to improve capacity and/or cycle time reduction. A VSM can also be used to set success goals and capability levels for the process, and provide a quantifiable baseline to demonstrate value and eliminate waste.

Chris Hill explains how value stream mapping can help prove your project's worth »

From the Blogs
Education or Experience?
by Chris Cook

Some feel the best route to making the transition is education. Go back to school and learn the general knowledge to be successful. Education always looks great on a resume. Others may say to get your hands dirty. Gain experience in the field to see if that direction is what you want to do. Making connections with your peers and building your network will pay off more in the long run.

So which school of thought is right for project management? »

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