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May 18, 2017 In this edition:
To err is human, but that doesn't make it any more comfortable. When you're anticipating fallout from a spectacular error (or a spectacularly public one) it helps to have an action plan for recovering the situation. This week, we're sharing resources dedicated to helping you put your project back on track, no matter who derailed it.
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Featured Articles
When It Really Is All Your Fault
by DeAnna Burghart

DeAnna Burghart Have you ever stuck your foot in it? I mean really, truly, publicly messed up with a colleague or client?

It's not a great look.

If you've ever glanced over the report or presentation, or reviewed the timeline, or suddenly noticed the address block of the email you just sent (too late!) and realized that you have just stepped in it up to your knees, I'm here for you. I stand with you in solidarity, because I've made those mistakes too. By tackling the situation the right way, you can retain trust and save face. You want to leave people thinking, "but look at how well you handled it" rather than "I can't believe you did that." Here's how.

Four steps to get your worst day ever back on track »

Voices from Unexpected Places, Part 2 Sources
by Chris Hill

Chris Hill In the first part of this article we reviewed some familiar ground regarding requirements gathering and some pitfalls you may have already encountered. We also covered stakeholder influence and how you should weight the importance of the requirements you are gathering from those sources.

In this second part of the article we will explore the source of the voices and how they interact in more detail.

Chris Hill explains why there's more to requirements gathering than "ask what everyone thinks" »

Centralized vs. Decentralized Delivery
by Alan Zucker

There is an ongoing dialogue in many enterprises: Should project management be a centralized, shared-service? Or, should project managers be decentralized and embedded within their functional organizations?

The answer is, "it depends." Every enterprise is unique with its own organizational structure, culture, expectations, and needs. Similarly projects and programs have different characteristics that may favor one model over another.

This article outlines considerations for making this decision.

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