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September 7, 2017 In this edition:
Is your project getting the support it needs from upper management? How much does that really matter? Randy Englund and Alfonso Bucero decided to conduct a little experiment to find out. Their results, plus Alan Zucker's ideas for engaging your stakeholders, are in this issue. Also, Alan Koch shares answers to the DevOps questions the big players ask. You don't have to be a unicorn to benefit from this set of tools, even if they do have an agile flair.
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Featured Article
How Does DevOps Work in Large IT Departments?
Alan Koch

Alan S. Koch It's tempting to talk about DevOps like it's a magical cookbook of utopian solutions. Of course, that's not true -- and when we're dealing with the large enterprise world most of us live in, it's especially not true. However, we are seeing exciting real-world results with DevOps-style practices and workflows, even in some of the most unlikely organizations: the U.S Marine Corps, Target, Hilton and Bank of America are just a few of the organizations we've worked with that are beginning to really see meaningful transformations as a result of DevOps initiatives. This Q&A extract shows the wide range of experiences and possibilities. DevOps isn't just for unicorns »

What DevOps Is and Is Not - There is no single "right" way to go down the DevOps road.

From the Blogs
Taking Stakeholder Management Up a Notch, by Randy Englund
Ask, are you getting the support you need on your projects? The answer most likely is, probably NOT! Projects need upper manager/sponsor support to be successful, we're told. Colleague Alfonso Bucero and I decided to conduct experiments to prove or disprove the research hypothesis that upper management support is crucial to project success.

Stakeholder Management: A Key to Project Success, by Alan Zucker
Projects with involved stakeholders are far more likely to be successful. But many projects suffer from low engagement from executives, users, and key stakeholders. Here are suggestions for improving stakeholder management and the likelihood of your project's success.

PMBOK Tips - Execute
PMBOK refers to the Executing Process Group as the "processes performed to complete the work defined in the project management plan to satisfy the project specifications". This is, quite simply, Doing What You Said You Would Do. Move forward with a deliberate, measured pace.

Where's ProjectConnections?
Randy Englund and Alfonso Bucero invite you to join them for "Integrate People, Organizational, and Technical Skills: The Complete Project Manager." This informative, interactive, productive, and fun in-person seminar is sponsored by PMI SeminarsWorld. The focus is on integrated people skills. Get PDUs, and a copy of their book, while advancing your professional career. The next seminar happens in Chicago on October 24-27, 2017, just prior to the PMI Global Congress. Cut-off date for hotel reservations is October 1, but rooms may fill up sooner. If this timing or location doesn't fit into your schedule, join them in Miami on December 4-7. Early registration discounts end on October 30 for the Miami seminar.

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