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October 5, 2017 In this edition:
There is no shame in asking for help when it's needed. Does your project team need help? Use these tools to figure out when and where help is needed for your project, then speak up and get the help you need.
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Featured Article
Seek Help
DeAnna Burghart

DeAnna Burghart This is not a hurricane article. There are plenty of those going around, and I am not yet quite in a headspace to process that experience anyway. Rather, think of this article as hurricane-adjacent -- a moment when a whirlwind of recent experiences reminded me of a basic truth: most people want to help, and there is no shame in letting them.

A culture of helpfulness can have profound benefits »

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From the Blogs
Effective Communications = Productive Project Teams, by Alan Zucker
High-performing teams demonstrate effective communications behaviors. They have open, respectful discussions. They engage in constructive problem solving. They enjoy each other's company. Here are four ways to improve your team's morale and productivity by communicating more effectively.

PMBOK Tips – Closing, by Sinikka Waugh
The after-project pain associated with NOT closing projects was incredibly high. Clients would come back six or eight months after project work had ceased, when resources and team members had been allocated and assigned to new and different projects, asking for work and expecting the same level of service they had experienced during the active project state. Closing only amounts to 1%-5% of the total project effort, but it's a valuable little piece of the pie!

How (and When) to Ask for Help
Establishing Ground Rules for Issue Escalation – SPECIAL
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until October 19, 2017
This worksheet guides the project team through a matter-of-fact discussion establishing ground rules for communicating emerging project issues. This can make it easier to raise critical issues later in the project when tensions are higher.

Project Escalation Process Guidelines – MEMBER
Scope issues, major tradeoff decisions, and serious resource conflicts are all examples of situations that can require escalation to higher management. These guidelines spell out exactly how and when that will happen, so your team will know when to pick up the phone.

Team Member Status Report – PREMIUM
Regular updates from your team members can help you spot problems before they spin out of control. These samples show how to collect that vital information without wasting anyone's time.

"Sweet" Team Building Suggestion – PREMIUM
Sometimes the best way to find out about problems is just to ask. This "sweet" team building case study provides a how-to approach using candy and Management By Walking Around (MBWA), so you can get to the truth without pressuring anyone.

Speaking Up – How to Make Your Case – PREMIUM
Speaking up is a key leadership skill, whether or not you're officially the team leader. This guideline can help you make your case more effectively when you see ways your team could head off problems, or when you just need to ask for help without becoming emotional about the situation.

Rescuing and Revitalizing the Problem Project – MEMBER
This paper outlines how to get a panicked project team to stop, take a deep breath, analyze what has gone wrong and how to get it right again, and re-launch your disaster project with new, actually attainable goals.

How to Help
If you're looking for ways to extend help to those who need it, these relief efforts come highly recommended to us. ProjectConnections cannot endorse or vouch for any of these organizations directly, of course; Charity Navigator is an excellent place to do your own research.

Where's ProjectConnections?
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