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October 19, 2017 In this edition:
Change is hard. Changing ourselves is even harder. Doing either requires acknowledging that something isn't working as it should. That's the point of Geof Lory's provocative question this week. And if you decide a change is called for, our highlighted resources this week should help you take the leap.
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Featured Article
How's That Working for You?
Geof Lory Geof Lory As an agile project leader, a big part of my job is coaching. A big part of coaching (as opposed to managing) is helping individuals and teams change, and change starts with feedback. But sometimes when I give feedback that does not validate what someone wants to do -- or, even worse, straight-up shoots it down -- they fight the feedback (and sometimes fight me). The person is looking for validation, but when you're trying to improve, you don't need validation. You need truth. My job as a coach is to speak the truth.

Challenge your behaviors without challenging your ego »

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From the Blogs
PMBOK 6th Edition: Highlights of What's New, by Sinikka Waugh
As a project manager, as with any profession, it’s important to stay current. The PMI models this by continually reviewing, updating, and republishing the content of the PMBOK Guide. The changes to the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition can be summarized in five bullets.

Changing Things So They Work Out for You
Once you have asked how things are working, and figured out that they aren't, what do you do next? Preferably, change something so it works better next time! These resources will help you consider and encourage change where it's needed -- whether yours or someone else's.

Change Management Worksheet – SPECIAL
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until November 2, 2017
Any successful project will change something, by definition. For project managers, that means that change management skills are as important as project management skills. This worksheet helps you plan a strategy for successfully managing your users through the change process.

Impact Analysis – PREMIUM
Who is motivated to resist the changes caused by your project? Will it add to the development time? Will it require additional training, or reduce turnaround times? An Impact Analysis will help you correlate all those variables and determine the best course of action.

Leading With Power – MEMBER
Managing the political aspects of a change can be intimidating. This paper discusses approaches you can use to manage the politics of change without being overwhelmed by the circumstances or people involved.

Did That Process Change Work?
Once you've made a change in a project process, you have to assess whether or not it worked. Well, you don't have to, we suppose, but if you don't, how will you know if those changes make a difference?

Catalytic Events -- Effortless Ways to Change Behavior for the Better
What if we could create catalytic mechanisms that automatically, permanently, and effortlessly eliminated some or all of our recurring project problems?

Where's ProjectConnections?
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