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March 15, 2018 In this edition:
How much do you really need to document your project? And what should that documentation look like? This week we address one of the most frequently asked questions, and provide resources that will help you find and implement the right level of project management for your team. Plus, Alan Zucker on how he learned to stop worrying and love the PMBOK.
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Featured Article
Do You Need a Formal Document?
DeAnna Burghart

DeAnna Burghart ne of the most common questions we get is "What kind of document is best for this project?" As with so many things, it depends; but we know that's not a very satisfying answer. So here's a quick primer on the ProjectConnections approach to this question. This isn't the only way to think about it, but it has worked well for us over the years.

Our thoughts on the various ways "documentation" matters to projects »

From the Blogs
Learning to Love the PMBOK, by Alan Zucker
Alan discusses his on-again, off-again affection for the PMBOK Guide, how he learned to love formal PM training, and the direction he'd like to see it go.

Implementing the Right Project Management for Your Project
Micro-Project Plan Template and Example – MEMBER
A simple, fast template for planning so-called micro-projects -- short, usually low-cost, low-effort projects that will take just a few days, or at most a few weeks, to complete. A fast outline to keep you organized and help you spot and overcome obstacles to success.

Project Plan Example - Small Project – MEMBER
Are a 20-30 page dense project plan and hefty schedule file just too much for that smaller but important effort you've got to get done? No fear, project plans "lite" can take many useful and practical forms. Check out this example from one company's project to unify its Product Development Life-cycle methodology across 3 sites after an acquisition.

Software Release Lifecycle Collection – PREMIUM
A comprehensive 10-phase Software Release Lifecycle that provides a practically turn-key methodology for software-heavy development environments. This collection includes release manager and team member job descriptions, an overview of the entire process, and over 70 one-page deliverable guidelines for the key activities in every phase of the SRLC.

Getting Process Skeptical Teams to Adapt and Use PM and Development Processes – MEMBER
How a company with process-skeptical team members made their project management and development process adaptable and used by all. (Really!)

Project Process Philosophy Chart – SPECIAL
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until April 12, 2018
Explaining why a project process exists and why it matters can be challenging, especially in process-averse organizations. This one-page chart can help you convey why the process is important, how it helps, and how specific deliverables support these goals during each project phase.

Critical Success Factors for Enterprise - Wide Project Management
Four critical factors for success in enterprise-wide project management implementation and improvement.

Rapidly Implementing High-Impact Low-Overhead Project Management Techniques in Your Organization – MEMBER
You need formal project management, but you also need fast results, and you can't afford to get bogged down in bureaucracy. This presentation details how to implement high-impact, low-overhead PM, how to do it fast but right, and how to use it on multiple projects now.

Project Manager/Team Leader Selection – PREMIUM
A worksheet to help a project sponsor select a project manager by scoring candidates on a number of selection criteria, including critical "soft skills" and domain knowledge specific to the project.

Corporate Subscriptions and Licensing
Want your team members to have their own access to templates and how-to resources for their project work? Need to share documents and deliverables beyond your project team? We make it easier with affordable corporate subscriptions and licensing. Detailed information regarding corporate options is available online. Give your whole team, or even the entire organization, cost-effective access to our comprehensive online library of resources. You already know how helpful it's been for you. Now it's time to share with everyone else. Find out more »

Not sure if corporate terms apply to you? Check out our licensing terms at the top of our Terms of Service page, in refreshingly ordinary, everyday English.

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