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May 31, 2018 In this edition:
The iron triangle is a cliché in project management circles—the idea of immutable project constraints that cannot be negotiated and must be met, no matter what. We find that more often than not there is some room to maneuver. But even when the constraints are truly fixed, there are ways to keep your team productive and sane. Check out these strategies from Kent McDonald and others for dealing with fixed triple constraints.
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Featured Article
How to Deal with Fixed Triple Constraints
Kent McDonald

Kent McDonald A common piece of project management wisdom is that you cannot hope to successfully deliver a project if all three constraints -- scope, time, and cost -- are fixed.

Generally speaking, I agree with that wisdom. Yet I've found that organizations continuously insist on ignoring that advice and demand that IT project teams deliver a specific scope, by a specific date, within a specific budget.

Instead of arguing project management semantics and "best practices" and obstinately protesting "I can't do that!" I've found it's better to use those expectations as a signal. Let the constraints drive conversations about what your sponsor is really asking for.

The secret to dealing with fixed triple constraints is to change how you define those constraints »

From the Blogs
Leading Organizational Change, by Alan Zucker
Change is often necessary.  Today’s business environment is disruptive.  Enterprises must adapt.  However, the vast majority of change efforts fail to meet their objectives. In this article, I share some of the tactical, soft skills lessons that I have learned.
Coping with "Fixed" Constraints
It's All Negotiable
In our lives, we continually negotiate, knowingly or not. Where will we go out to eat? What will you give me for my used car? Who will pay for this scope change?

Yes, You Can Negotiate Project Constraints!
Good estimates are the key to negotiating reasonable project constraints -- even when your sponsor isn't asking for them.

Getting Prepared to Negotiate
Applying the 10 Rules of Negotiating, by Randy Englund.

Agile Technique Brief: Project Value Models – SPECIAL
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until June 14, 2018
Learn to reach agreement on the project purpose, risks, constraints, assumptions, and more, and use that information to decide which projects and features to develop, prioritize them, and keep the priorities consistent with changing circumstances.

Project Flexibility Matrix – MEMBER
A simple but effective tool that helps guide tradeoff discussions on Scope, Resources and Schedule.

Project Alternatives Tradeoff Table – PREMIUM
This table gives your team a concise way to document (and communicate!) the alternatives you are considering for scope and features, and the impact of various combinations on the project's cost, schedule, resources, and risk. Getting it all onto a page or two can really help a cross-functional team reach agreement on a reasonable scope that meets most important customer requirements.

Documenting Assumptions and Constraints – PREMIUM
A guideline and suggested format for logging and monitoring key assumptions and constraints that could affect your project. Both detailed guidelines and a basic template containing the most essential data elements are included.
Where's ProjectConnections?
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