Upcoming Certification, Core PM Training
and Advanced PM Courses

As a project manager, you understand that regardless of experience level, education is one of the most important factors in advancement of your career as a project management professional. Let Rita Mulcahy and RMC Project Management—innovators in Project Management training since 1991—help you advance your project management career.

Below is a partial list of upcoming PM training courses. Click the header above each class section for more information, and be sure to check out our new course offerings for 2006!

PMP® Exam Prep Courses - Pass the Exam . . . Guaranteed !
Partial Schedule - Please See Our Website for More Cities and Dates


        PMP® Exam Prep
        2 Days, 16 Contact Hours

     Phoenix, AZ - Jan. 19th - 20th
     Houston, TX - Jan. 26th - 27th
     Denver, CO - Jan. 26th - 27th
     Milwaukee, WI - Jan. 30th - 31st
     Los Angeles, CA - Feb. 2nd - 3rd
     Chicago, IL - Feb. 9th - 10th
     Baltimore, MD - Feb. 9th - 10th *
     San Francisco, CA - Feb. 9th - 10th
     Atlanta, GA - Feb. 23rd - 24th
     Detroit, MI - Feb. 27th - 28th
     Seattle, WA - Mar. 2nd - 3rd
     Washington, DC - Mar. 9th - 10th
     Minneapolis, MN - Mar. 16th - 17th
     San Francisco, CA - Mar. 20th - 21st
     Closter, NJ - Mar. 23rd - 24th
     Boston, MA - Mar. 27th - 28th
     Portland, OR - Mar. 30th - 31st
     Dallas, TX - Apr. 3rd - 4th
     Chicago, IL - Apr. 6th - 7th
     Denver, CO - Apr. 6th - 7th
     San Diego, CA - Apr. 6th - 7th
     New York, NY - Apr. 17th - 18th
       * For retakers of old exam



        No Study PMP® Exam Prep
        4 Days, 40 Contact Hours

     San Francisco, CA - Mar. 20th - 23rd
     Atlanta, GA - Apr. 24th - 27th
     Chicago, IL - Jun. 12th - 15th


* Both courses now available in Onsite Formats for corporate groups as small as ten (10) students!
Click Here to complete our onsite training information request form.

Core Project Management Training
Learn How to Apply PM Standards in the Real World


        PM Tricks of the Trade®
        3 Days, 21 Contact Hours or PDUs

     Denver, CO - Jan. 23rd - 25th
     Chicago, IL - Feb. 6th - 8th
     San Francisco, CA - Feb. 6th - 8th
     Atlanta, GA - Feb. 20th - 22nd
     Washington, DC - Mar. 6th - 8th
     Minneapolis, MN - Mar. 13th - 15th
     Chicago, IL - Apr. 3rd - 5th
     Minneapolis, MN - May 8th - 10th
     Washington, DC - May 15th - 17th
     Atlanta, GA - Jun. 5th - 7th


        What Makes a PM Successful?
        2 Days, 14 Contact Hours or PDUs

     Minneapolis, MN - Apr. 20th - 21st*

         * New Public Class from RMC !


* PM Tricks of the Trade® covers the entire project management process, and therefore is also
appropriate as additional prep for those looking to earn a PMP®, CAPM® or Project+ certification.

Advanced PM Training and 1/2 Day Workshops
Hands-On Training for Experienced Project Managers


        Risk Management
        2 Days, 16 Contact Hours or PDUs

     Washington, DC - Feb. 2nd - 3rd
     Phoenix, AZ - Jun. 19th - 20th


        Common Risk Management Errors
        1/2 Day, 4 Contact Hours or PDUs

     San Francisco, CA - Mar. 9th (1 to 5pm)
     Chicago, IL - May 23rd (1 to 5pm)

         * New 1/2-Day Workshop Series
           ($250 per person)


* Classes based on Rita Mulcahy's Award-Winning book, Risk Management: Tricks of the Trade
for Project Managers
," recently named the PMI Professional Development Product of the Year.

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