Speed Readiness Assessment

Quick Summary
Screenshot Is your project team ready for a faster pace? This assessment will help you determine whether or not a team is ready for speed. With some tailoring, it could also be used as a measure of how well a team is implementing a specific Agile methodology.

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What this is

This assessment will help your team get an accurate picture of where they are in terms of readiness for speed. It is NOT designed as a measure of adherence to any specific Agile methodology, but it can be tailored to assess that if desired.

Why it's useful

Schedule is a constant pressure on most projects. Whether the perceived need for speed is real or artificially created, it can emphasize every weak spot and friction point between team members and in the project process itself. This assessment helps you determine just how ready your team is for a push toward light speed on a given project, and where you might expect to see difficulties or challenges if you turn up the heat.

This assessment is a tool, not a test. No team will achieve a perfect score, and almost no teams will be consistent across all areas being measured. In fact, it is common to see teams that are more ready for speed in some areas or disciplines than they are in others. The goal of this assessment is to find out where your team is right now, and from there to determine possible areas of improvement in processes or specific disciplines.

To read more about preparing for speed on your projects, check out Geof Lory's series on the subject.

How to use it

  1. Complete the assessment for each discipline area. For each assessment question, assign a value using the dropdown list. For items that do not apply to your project environment or teams, choose N/A. Those items will not be considered or calculated in the assessment score.
  2. Review your assessment results. As you proceed through the assessment, your totals for each area will be calculated automatically, updating the radar chart on the Assessment Results tab. The higher your score in a particular area, the more ready the team is for fast projects or processes in that discipline. The lower the score, the more likely the team is to experience difficulties in that area.
  3. Review the assessment scores and take appropriate actions to prepare your teams for speed. For specific suggestions in different areas, see Geof Lory's articles on the various disciplines:
  4. Review the assessment periodically to determine what progress has been made, and what new or additional changes might be necessary to achieve the team's goals.
About the Author
Geof Lory is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) and a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) with 30 years of project management experience. He helps organizations develop best practices for successful project delivery by leading information technology projects and using experiential training, on-site consulting, and coaching. His special emphasis is helping project managers improve team productivity by focusing on the people and processes rather than technology. Geof has worked with many industry-accepted and internally-developed SDLC methodologies, and maintains certifications to deliver curriculum for the Microsoft Solutions Framework, Agile/Scrum curriculum, and other traditional project management curricula. He has authored many articles, papers, and a book on a wide range of project management topics, and contributes regularly to ProjectConnections.com. Geof can be reached through his website at www.gtdconsult.com.

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