End of Concept Phase Checklist

Quick Summary
A checklist of activities and deliverables that should be completed by the end of the Concept Phase.

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What this is

A checklist of activities and deliverables that should be completed by the end of the Concept Phase, along with an explanation of its philosophy of use. This checklist can be used during an end-of-phase management review. This is one of a series of end-of-phase checklists, one for each of our representative project phases.

Why it's useful

The theme of an end-of-phase management review is to ensure that sufficient work has been completed in the current project phase to allow the project to enter the next phase without an unacceptable increase in project risk. Thus the checklist is not only for what work was done in last phase but also for what foundation has been set for the work that is coming next. Projects that don't lay a good foundation in risk reduction activities such as planning, requirements management, design and testing can become overextended in later project phases, increasing the schedule time, cost, and risk of the project, and decreasing the fitness for use of the project's result. A checklist that tracks the status of key activities and deliverables in each project phase can help the team and stakeholders decide if a sufficient foundation has been laid in the current project phase to allow the project to continue into the next phase.

The objective of The Concept phase is to evaluate the market opportunity (or the extent of user/customer need) for a proposed product or other type of project deliverable, and to decide whether to proceed further with it. Thus the checklist and any accompanying management reviews should help make sure executives are satisfied that the project idea is worth pursuing – the project concept will result in something that satisfies an important customer need, and the company sees the potential for adequate financial return for its investment in the project.

How to use it

  1. If you are at the beginning of your project, download this checklist and the other end-of-phase checklists and use them to make the general plan for the entire project. If you are in mid-project, examine the checklists of previous phases to ensure that your project is not already overextended. Try to avoid examining these end-of-phase checklists late in the project phase or on the eve of the end-of-phase project review - they lose much of their value as a planning tool if they are not used early.

  2. Don't be put off by the number of items on these checklists. They are illustrative of the areas of focus, with example checklist items underneath, for accomplishing the key goals of the phase. Edit these checklists to remove items that don't apply to your particular project, and to include additional items that are key gating items in your organization's development or project process. You can also adapt these checklists to your organization's project lifecycle phases -- more on that below. Try to do this editing EARLY in your planning, when you're not under pressure to complete a particular phase. Then hold the checklist steady both during and at the end of the phase -- resist making changes and removing items in order to have a better review.

  3. Start actively using each checklist EARLY in the project phase to ensure completeness of the activities and deliverables that you are trying to accomplish during the phase.

  4. As part of the end-of-phase review, the checklist should be prepared with either a "YES" or "NO" in the "Done?" column. Items with a "NO" are "punch list" items to be tracked until completion.

Download this template
MS Word, 60kb

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