Project Management Word Search Puzzles

Quick Summary
Word search puzzles using Project Management keywords. Just a quick bit of fun for your next coffee or lunch break. Includes three puzzles of various sizes, so you can pick the right one for the amount of time you have to kick back.

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What this is

Word search puzzles with some project management terms. Just a little fun puzzle for any idle time you might have. In three different sizes, so you can pick the appropriate one for your mood.

Why it's useful

Because project management can be a stressful profession, and sometimes you just have to take a break. Or three.

How to use it

Search for the Project Management terms up, down, across or diagonally and circle them -- a red crayon works very well, and crayons are great stress relievers.

You might want to cross the words off the bottom list as you find them (thoroughness, you know).

Download this template
MS Word, 34kb

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