Hardware/Software Development Project Templates

A quick index to our templates for those executing hardware/software development projects. Use them to help create your own development methodology or supplement your current one with new items or new approaches. These templates will assist with your key development activities whether you are developing wireless systems, medical devices, factory automation equipment, or other products or systems involving hardware and software. Templates are sorted into typical project phases.

Concept and Selection
Articulate business and customer justifications for the project idea; do quick rough take at approach, scope, time, costs; evaluate the business case, determine whether to proceed, and identify initial team.

Project Proposal and Evaluation
New Project Proposal
New Product Business Plan
Opportunity Screening Worksheet
Business Requirements Document
Marketing Requirements Document
Product Definition - Success Factors
Project Scope Definition: Mission Statement
Project Scope Definition: Deliverables
Project Business Case

Project Team Startup
Project Sponsor
Project Team Leader Description - Roles & Responsibilities
Effective Meetings Checklist
Action Item List Formats

End of Concept Phase Checklist

Initiation and Planning
Form the initial team, define the requirements in detail, investigate and review major design alternatives for fulfilling the requirements, and plan the rest of the project.

Project Definition and Requirements
Project Scope Definition: Vision Document
Project Scope Definition: Statement of Work (SOW)
Product Requirements Specification
Requirements Workshop Planning Guide
Software Requirements Specification

High-Level Design and Reviews
Agenda for Preliminary Design Review Meeting
Review Checklists: Preliminary Design Review
Project Alternatives Tradeoff Table

Team and Communication
Project Team Organization and Assignments
Task Responsibility Matrix Formats
Communications Plan
Team meeting agenda
Milestone Table with Driver Tasks
Guideline for Deciding Whether to Outsource Work on a Project
Vendor assessment checklist

Planning, Scheduling, Estimating, Costs, and Risks
Configuration Management Plan
Development Project Plan
Project Plan Example – Small Project
Project Flexibility Matrix
Product and Project Risk Assessment and Mitigation Tables
System Hazard Analysis Method
Project Risk Checklist
Tools and Equipment List
Project Budgets and Cost Tracking

Guidelines for planning and scheduling the project:
Planning and Scheduling: Task Identification and Work Breakdown
Planning and Scheduling: Assigning Resources
Planning and Scheduling: Identifying Dependencies
Planning and Scheduling: Estimating Work and Costs
Planning and Scheduling: Project Schedule and Critical Path
Planning and Scheduling: Make Trade-offs and Optimize
Planning and Scheduling: Create Project Plan Document
Scheduling Checklist
Estimating Process and Methods

Example Work Breakdown Structures
Integrated Hardware/Software Mechanical WBS
Software Application Development WBS
User Manual Planning WBS and Schedule
WBS for Electromechanical Systems Project
WBS & Gantt for 802.11 Master Development Schedule

Other plans that are typically begun early and finished during later phases:
Discontinuance End-of-Life Planning
Marketing Plan
User Impact Assessment (IT)
User Documentation Plan
Training Plan - High Level

End of Initiation Phase Checklist

Execution and Approval
Create the project deliverables, reviewing and testing them along the way for quality and adherence to the project requirements.

Ongoing Planning
Discontinuance End-of-Life Planning
Maintenance Planning Guidelines and Plan Outline
Marketing Plan

Specifications and Development
Interface Protocol Document
Software Requirements Specification
Localization Guidelines

Review Checklists: Detailed Design Review
Review Checklists: Critical Design Review
Review Checklists: Final Design Review
Coding Review Guidelines

Development Testing
Project Test Plan
Software Unit Test Plan and Report Guidelines
Integration Plan
Software Integration Checklist
Software Test Transfer Forms

Tracking and Status
Phase Signoff Process
Change Control Form
Guidelines - Completion Criteria
Project Status Reports
Project Scorecard
Issue Resolution Status Report

Approval Testing
QA and Beta Test Manager Job Descriptions
Master Test List
Beta Test Plan
User Acceptance Test Plan
Issue Resolution Status Report
Change Control Form

Completion Criteria/Checklists
Customer Acceptance Checklist and Signoff
Checklist for Manufacturing Release Readiness
Release Decision Process Guidelines
Software Quality Release Criteria

End of Execution Phase Checklist
End of Approval Phase Checklist

Delivery and Closeout
Release and deliver the project's outputs to customers, get initial customer feedback, and close out the project, including taking stock of lessons-learned.

Release to Delivery
Guidelines - Completion Criteria

Project Completion
End of Delivery Phase Checklist

Close-out Activities
Project Closeout Meeting Agenda
Lessons Learned Survey
Lessons Learned Meeting Report

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